Where are Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton sisters now? new journey update

Tammy Slaton is the Tv personality who appeared in TV show 1000-Lbs. You must be in the swim about her, she is the TLC star, recently she has made the headline after she disclosed her husband and dating life to fans. Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton are sisters who used to entertain their fans on the social platform. Tammy Slaton’s husband, they want to know who is her husband and is Tammy Slaton engaged to him. Fans looking to know that what both sisters are doing these days? Get the update of their life here.

The Slayton sisters recently showed their cooking skills in a video shared on their official account. As far as we got to know on one of the latest episodes of the TLC popular show, named 1000-Lb sisters, Tammy Slaton has exploded something about her personal life, that she is dating a new guy. In the short clip, she has stated that Tammy Slaton’s new boyfriend has come to meet her in her hometown even he lives in Las Vegas. It seems that she is in a romantic relationship with her love partner, and they have a good bond.

Talking about her past, previously Tammy was in a relationship with her bf, whose name is Jerry Sykes. Unfortunately, both of them have broken up due to unknown reasons. Now she is in a new relationship with her new boyfriend, whom she met on social media.

As per the further details, her new beau Philip Redmond is living in Las Vegas and he is known as the BBW King, here BBW means Big Beautiful Woman. Tammy Slaton’s boyfriend’s name is Redmond, who has also made a post related to his relationship with the star. He is also pretty famous among people, he has made his appearance on Dr. Phil.

Both of them met each other on the social media platforms Tiktok, she used ot see Phillip’s videos and he was flirting with her. This is how both of them fell in love with each other, they did not have an idea to date each other. She said she wants a long relationship with her boyfriend.

Many people want to know if she is married to him or not? Even her family members asked her that is she engaged to him, but she did not disclose this part. So she left her fans confused, we are waiting for her official statement we pray may the couple stay together always.

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