Who are Fred Warner parents? Ethnicity and nationality

Who are Fred Warner’s parents? Fred Warner is quite popular and he has been playing NFL in a very consistent way. He has been there since last 5 seasons. He has been plying his trade with San Francisco 49ers. His popularity is keeping on increasing season after season and his fans who are aggressively following NFL are quite interested to learn about him. His personal life had been private since quite a time but now being popular has got to affect his personal life for sure. He competed in college football at BYU and was selected by the 49ers in 2018 NFL Draft. Know more Fred Warner’s ethnicity, family background and nationality.

Fred Warner family and parents

Fred Warner was born in San Marcos, California, on November 19, 1996. He was born to his parents Laura Warner and Fred Warner Sr. His mother Laura Warner, and father Fred Warner Sr. have got three children and Fred Warner is the oldest among the three. Combinedly these guys have two sons and one daughter. When this guy was young his parents got divorced and his mother took all the three kids with her. His both parents were born and brought up in the United States of America. His upbringing was done in a proper religious way and that is why still he is down to the earth.

Fred Warner ethnicity

Many people think that Warner family is Mexican descendants given the surname but this family has its roots properly in the United States of America. Only Fred Warner Sr., has Panamanian history but he himself was born in the United States of America. Fred Warner has been influenced heavily by his mother who did most of his upbringing and supported her to pursue his career in sports which is usually quite risky. So, he is usually seen being grateful to his mother.

Despite being one of the league’s top linebackers, Fred Warner has always cherished his Mexican heritage.

Fred Warner net worth

Fred Warner’s Instagram account has 419K followers on Instagram. He has an estimated net worth of $8 million. He endorses different company products and promotion. Fred Warner has signed a deal with the San Francisco 49ers, committing to a four-year contract worth $3,979,325. Warner’s current base salary stands at $1M.

Fred Warner promotes company products and kits on his social media handle. He had not revealed the official figures of his income, assets and total net worth.

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