Who is Anna Kalinskaya boyfriend or husband? Is she married?

What do we know so far about tennis player Anna Kalinskaya age and partner Anna Kalinskaya is a tennis star who was born on December 2, 1998, from Moscow, Russia. She is ranking into top of charts and achieved her best singles ranking at No. 51 in September 2022. Through her stunning performance, she has left a mark in the tennis world. With a title on the WTA Tour Challenger and three doubles titles, her success is undeniable. Let’s we discover Anna’s personal life and boyfriend.

Anna Kalinskaya boyfriend Sami Reinwein

The 2024 Australian Open was a crucial moment for Kalinskaya, reaching the quarterfinals, a breakthrough after previous struggles in Grand Slam events. Beyond her on-court mastery, fans are curious about her personal life, particularly her relationship status.

Anna Kalinskaya with Sami Reinwein

Currently, Anna Kalinskaya is in a relationship with Sami Reinwein, a fellow tennis player from Freiburg, Germany. Sami was born on May 29, 1992, Reinwein, standing at 180 cm and weighing around 75 kg, has made his mark in the tennis world.

Fans are eager to know more about their journey together. Their shared passion for tennis not only binds them on the court but also adds a unique dimension to their relationship off the court. As they navigate the challenges of professional tennis together, their connection becomes a testament to the intertwining of personal and professional lives in the world of sports.

Sami Reinwein age

As of January 2024, Sami Reinwein is 31, and Anna Kalinskaya is 25. While the exact inception of their relationship remains undisclosed, reports suggest they’ve been a couple for over a year. Although marriage is not currently in their plans, rumors hint at a possible engagement.

Sami Reinwein’s professional career

Sami Reinwein, who last played an ITF match in 2019, is now an ‘A-Trainer Coach,’ transitioning from a player role. Details about Reinwein’s net worth are undisclosed, while Anna Kalinskaya’s net worth exceeds $2 million.

Kalinskaya’s private approach to her family, Reinwein’s family details, including his background, are mostly unknown. This mirrors Kalinskaya’s approach to keeping her family, including her brother Nikolay Kalinskaya, a football player for FC Pari Nizhny Novgorod, out of the public eye.

Anna Kalinskaya on social media

Anna has 153K followers on her Instagram profile. The beautiful athlete shares her daily life moments with fans and followers.

Anna is a rising Russian tennis player and made fans hearts worldwide.

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