Who is Anthony Ekpenyong? Why Anthony Q Lion prisoned jail to 7 years?

Why Anthony Q Lion arrested and jailed to 7 years? Anthony Q Lion is a very known name! Do you know his real name? His name is Anthony Ekpenyong! His name is a R and B as well as a soul musician. He has been usually making headlines since a good number of days. He has made music that are quite good to hear. Anthony Q Lion is mostly known by the music he does. He has always attracted the young generation people. He is a 37-year-old artist who has got a huge effect on gen Z as of now.

Anthony Q Lion getting setback

He is now suffering from a huge setback after he has been arrested and that is terrible. He is now facing issues because of that and going to stay in the jail for 7 years. He has got 7 years prison sentence. It is a dark turn and has captured a huge public attention thanks to these allegations. This is being a terrible time for this singer but he is going to learn from his mistake. There are huge charges which he is facing. He was once celebrated as a top musician and now he is in turmoil a lot. It is time for him to hear the music of the police.

Anthony Q Lion proven as a guilty in the court

Anthony Q Lion is also known as Anthony Ekpenyong to the music and in the worst condition with the turn of the events. He was quite guilty of violation and the assault case has been quite strongly acted against him. It was taken to the court in September 26 and now the results are out in the expected line. It is a very disturbing thing for his fans. Hopefully they know that he did a crime and got punished even if he is a celebrity.

Anthony Q Lion as an artist and social media influencer

According to the Instagram bio, Anthony Q Lion is an Instagram star and his account has 15K followers on Instagram. He is a member of the RnB Neo Soul artists group. He expected net worth is $455K in 2023.

Anthony Q Lion got popularity to his songs and clips through the Tiktok platform. He gained millions likes and views on the clips. Fans are shocked after they found that their favorite artist has been convicted and prisoned to jail. More updated soon on about him on YouLaif.

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