Who is Asta Jonasson? Age and Pictures of former Vin Diesel assistant

Asta Jonasson is the former assistant of Hollywood actor Vin Diesel. She accused him for se$ual assault and other allegations. The actor had not yet responded to these allegations. The lawsuit has been filed in California against the actor. Since the news broke out among public, it became a hot discussion topic on the social media. It made fans curious to know about Asta Jonasson and her past life in Hollywood industry. So far it is discovered that Asta is an actress who had worked in few Hollywood movies. Find more Asta Jonasson’s age, pictures and professional career.

Who is Asta Jonasson?

Asta Jonasson is an actress and Tv star who is known for her work in American Crime (2015), Five Days at Memorial (Tv Series), Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992 (2017), etc. According to IMDB, Asta had worked into multiple projects as a crew member. She was the former assistant to actor Vin Diesel during Fast n Furious fifth franchise in 2010.

The Asta Jonasson’s nationality is American.

As per Asta’s professional LinkedIn profile, she works as a Director of Development and Creative Executive in Los Angeles. She has over 10 years of experience in the field of TV/Film production, development and administration tasks.

Asta Jonasson professional career

Asta learned screenwriting and got training from New York Film Academy. Hold Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University. In 2017, she had worked as the associate producer and got nominated for Emmy’s Awards.

She was the part of crew members for administrative tasks for Tv series like The Bachelorette, Shark Tank (2013), etc. The lady who manages things behind the big screens.

Asta Jonasson pictures and photos

Below we have some images of Asta Jonasson found.

asta jonasson
Asta Jonasson (Source:IMDB)


asta jonasson2
asta Jonasson Photo

Asta Jonasson Instagram

It looks like Asta Jonasson is not having her own official Instagram profile. She is not available on Instagram. Her social engagement and activities are none.

Asta Jonasson allegations on Vin Diesel

Asta Jonasson, former assistant of Vin Diesel accused actor for se$ual allegations and filed a lawsuit to the court. she said that actor tried to force her in the hotel room during the shooting of Fast n Furious fifth part in Atlanta. The name of Diesel’s sister Samantha Vincent is also linked in the lawsuit as she fired Asta after this incident.

Asta Jonasson Net Worth

The Asta Jonasson’s net worth is approximate around $1 million to $2 million. She had been working in the Hollywood industry since a long time time.

In her career, she managed backscreen tasks of many big Tv shows and movies

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