Who is City Planner Plays? YouTuber’s face reveal, age and real name

City Planner Plays is a popular American gaming YouTuber who had not yet revealed his real identity and face to the fans. The YouTuber is mainly recognized for creating city-building game Cities Skylines tutorial and gameplay content on his channel. He is American YouTuber who had joined YouTube in 2010. He also runs his own merchandise and sells products to the fans. City Planner Plays had a passion for city builders since his childhood and have been playing it for long. Now his name is popular in the gaming when it comes to Cities Skylines game. He had generated many videos and content gameplay on YouTube.

Who is City Planner Plays?

City Planner Plays is a professional YouTuber who is known for creating Cities Skylines game content and videos. He is from Madison city, located in the state of Wisconsin in the United States. He has experience working for the Department of Transportation, a regional planning agency. His nationality is American. His first YouTube channel video was the episode of his Bluffside Crossing series.

Till data, he had uploaded the 499 videos on his official channel and has 599K subscribers on YouTube. He has gained popularity for producing enjoyable gaming content on his channel.

City Planner Plays face reveal

Yet the YouTuber chose not to make any revelations of his real identity. His followers were anxiously waiting for a glimpse of the YouTuber’s face. The streamer’s face has been unveiled on their YouTube channel. There is widespread speculation about City Planner Plays appearance on the social media, but as of now, he has not disclosed any details.

City Planner Plays official Twitter channel has almost 9K followers. He began his gaming journey with the original SimCity on the SNES, progressed to SimCity 2000 on the PC. He has since explored every City Builder game available.

City Planner Plays Net Worth

City Planner Plays earns around $146,000 annually. Their monthly income can be calculated by dividing the annual income by 12. Additionally, if City Planner Plays earns approximately $3,450 per video. The figure represents the income generated from each video they create. Also the YouTuber offers high-quality merchandise it offers to fans on the official site.

City Planner Plays has 592 followers on his official YouTube channel. We hope that Youtuber will soon reveal his real face and name to the fans on the channel. He is about make such a video soon on his channel. So, fans must keep patience.

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