Who is Cooper Flagg? Height, Age and Net Worth

Who is Cooper Flagg from Peach Jam tournament who shocked everyone from performance? Cooper Flagg is a top-notch guy and we all know that! He is very consistent in basketball games and is also a ranked 2 prospect. He has consistently showcased his skills at the recent Peach Jam tournament. He has been surprising the fans nowadays and the scouts that have come to see him play. Cooper Flagg is always performing way above his quality of play. He is always attracting the audience to a very heavy level. His parents are already very proud of him. How tall is Cooper Flagg?

Cooper Flagg Age and Height

Cooper Flagg is 16-years old and he was born on 21 December 2006 in Maine, United States. Flagg firmly established his position as the top player, irrespective of class, with his outstanding performance during the NBPA Top 100 Camp in Orlando. He is regarded as one of the most talented and popular high school basketball recruits in the United States.

The Cooper Flagg height is 6 feet 8 inches and weighs around 88.4 Kgs.

Cooper Flagg basketball career

Cooper Flagg is transferred to Montverde Academy after following his completion of fresh year as it can help him to grow his basketball playing skill. He is being compared to now with amazing NBA basketball player Larry Bird for the way he is scoring and being highly defensive while protecting the baskets. He has now looked to play for the Duke Blue Devils. He has got more than 38 points in the tournament along with 16 rebounds, 6 assists, and 12 blocks. He has been impressive in his career so far both in offensive and defensive game in his short career.

Cooper Flagg Net Worth

The Cooper Flagg net worth is $165K. He is a young college basketball player who is not yet signed to club. Cooper Flagg is quite interesting as he has got that lanky approach. He has got another player at top level and both of them are firing it up for the next level. Another top prospect is Cameron Boozer and he is also known for his versatile game play. Boozer has got a twin too who is good at defensive plays and assists. If you follow these upcoming kids then you will know they will play at a very high level. We might see them in NBA soon.

Cooper Flagg has 458K followers on Instagram profile. He is a gold medalist at the Montverde Academy Basketball.

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