Who is Gail Lewis Waltmart? Why Tiktok fans thanking her with memes?

We heard about the circulating memes of Gail Lewis on Tiktok. Users took Tiktok platform to thank her and post the clips on the profile. Still many are figuring out who is she? And why public on Tiktok thanking her. Gail Lewis is the ex-employee of the Walmart. Few users posted her clip on Tiktok which gone viral in few time. In short, Gail Lewis is one of the ex-employees of the Walmart. Fans are thanking her for her services because she left the job at Walmart after a long time. She is one of the most passionate and dedicated employee in the store. Let’s know how fans thanked Gail Lewis and reacted to her memes on Tiktok.

Who is Gail Lewis?

Gail Lewis is the ex-associate employee at the Walmart store. She had posted an emotion video on the social media when leaving her job at the store. She announced her departure from the store on the social media which turned into the viral memes and clips. Netizens took no time to share her video on profile. Thousands of users who watched the video thanked Gail Lewis for her services to store. Here is what we know so far about her emotional clip.

Gail Lewis memes on Tiktok

At the moment, Tiktok profile of many users have been flooded with the memes of Gail Lewis. Fans are doing their best to thank the lady using creativity on platform.

In just a week, Gail Lewis’s emotional video received over 10 million views on Tiktok. She is the resident of Illinois state. Her post has been flooded with thousands of comments with thankful messages.

Well, she had not shared anything of her future employment or job. Also Walmart had not yet comment on the viral post and retirement of associate employee Gail Lewis.

Why she left job? How users reacted?

Gail is leaving her job for better opportunity and growth. She told in the video, she is moving to a new job after 10-years of service at the store. It is like leaving a family for her which made everyone emotional. It became a meme overnight because fans are sharing different clips with her and sharing their experiences.

Taking over the reference of original video, fans are sharing multiple memes and edited photos of her experiences in past decade. They reacted to the original video with sad emoji and congratulated for future after retirement.

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