Who is Henry Sugar? Real name and true story of Imdad Khan

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar is now streaming on the Neflix platform. Everyone is curious to know whether the story is true and based on facts or not. It is short movie of about 40 minutes which is based on the life of Imdad Khan. Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the lead role of Henry Sugar in the movie. The big question right now in the minds of fans is ‘Is Henry Sugar real or not?’ The story is supposed to be inspired from the real life events and names has been changed due to privacy reasons. The short movie triggered a series of queries into the minds of viewers. Here we have some unknown true facts of the The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar movie.

Is Henry Sugar real or not?

Yes, Henry Sugar is real and it is based on the life of Pakistani magician who was popularly known by the name Kuda Bux in 1900s. The real name of magician was Imdad Khan. He went on a global tour, showed his magical talents to worldwide. He gained quick fame and was known by the title “The Man Who Can See Without His Eyes.”

He was born in 1905 in Pakistan. The short story is based on his life events. In his young, he learned the skill of perceiving without eyes from an Indian yogi named Banerjee. He used this skill as a magician and impressed audiences in the live shows.

The short movie story is taken from the Roald Dahl’s book and it is showed to the screen from his perspective.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar release

The short movie has been released on Netflix in September for the premium users. It is directed by Wes Anderson and the cast of the movie are Ben Kingsley as Imdad Khan, Richard Ayoade as Indian yogi, Dev Patel as Dr. Chatterjee and as Benedict Cumberbatch as Henry Sugar.

Fictional character in The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

Henry Sugar is not a real life character. It is a fictional character which was later introduced by Dahl in “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar“.

The viewers are now eager to know more information about the true story and incident. One can refer to the detailed book by Roald Dahl about Kuda Bux to read the magician life.

The mysterious magician character in the movie story is inspired from the life of Kuda Bux.

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