Who was Mercedes Tidwell son Wesley White? What happened to him?

The heartbreaking news is the death news of the Mercedes Tidwell son Wesley White Walker. Wesley White Walker is the name of the Tiktoker Mercedes Tidwell’s who is a content creator on social media. She has been doing a great lot of TikTok videos. She has got a name that has really been going great throughout the world. If you are looking for some good content in TikTok then her profile is the one for you. Understanding Tidwell is not easy in personal life though because of his introvert nature. Today we are posting this because of the unfortunate tragic news of her son and fans are shocked after they heart this sad news.

Wesley White parents broke down

Wesley White is dead and his family including his father and mother, Cameron Walker, and Mercedes Walker are quite upset. They do not know what to do as they cannot even sit around and are feeling very much helpless. He has always been their ray of hope but all of a sudden that ray of hope is no more in their life. They are still figuring out about their life while their baby is dead. It is a very devastating thing for them to be honest. Hopefully, they find ways to live without their beloved son as of now as there are no other ways.

What happened to Wesley White?

Wesley White Walker died because of cardiac arrest. He was being taken to the hospital but somehow he died before reaching there. It is an unfortunate thing for his whole family. He did not have any past ailment related issues but still it happened which makes it look very sad moment. He was the single child of his parents and they had loved him deeply as you can see through his TikTok videos. Hopefully, his fans and family can live with his memories.

Mercedes Tidwell on Tiktok

Mercedes Tidwell has ten thousands of likes on clips and followers on her Tiktok profile. Tidwell had shared this heartbreaking news through the Tiktok platform. The news has been officially confirmed by the family members and friends on social media. Her account handle name is “bookclubwannabe“.

Fans paid tribute to the Tiktoker’s son and expressed their grief and condolences on the Mercedes Tidwell’s recent post on profile.

Hopefully she may overcome from the tragic situation soon and come back to Tiktok with her engaging content for the fans.

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