Who is Mira Murati husband? Born to Indian parents (Fact Check)

Mira Murati is the OpenAI new interim CEO after board members fired Sam Altman from the position. OpenAI is an absolute beast in the artificial intelligence industry. This company has been always in the news for something or other. In 2018, it started to go up with the investment of Microsoft. Sam Altman had got a stint with this company which was quite a brilliant run. It has been a company which has developed products that are excessively good. Now, there is a sudden news that Sam Altman has been fired as the CEO of this company and the majority stakeholder Microsoft is also supportive of it right now. Sam Altman might be a great figure, but the new interim CEO is no small one. She is also the current CTO of the OpenAI, Mira Murati. She had joined OpenAI after leaving Tesla where she was actively involved in developing Model X car.

Mira Murati age and husband

Mira Murati is not married. Her age is 38 years and was born on 16 December 1988. It is unknown whether Mira is dating someone or not.

This lady is feeling quite honored and humbled by the new update. She is being ready to take on the leadership role. Her role will be to take on the issues with the board of directors as of now. There are no updates about the exact reasons. She had been a staunch technologist and it will show up more in OpenAI in the future for sure.

Mira Murati career growth

Mira Murati started her career way back in 2011 as an intern with Goldman Sachs. Mira Murati also worked with Model X as the senior product manager of Model X. This role was between 2013 to 2016. Then she came to OpenAI in June 2018. She joined as the Chief Technology Officer. She led the work with Codex, Dall-E, and ChatGPT.

Mira Murati Net Worth

The Mira Murati net worth is around 5 million USD. She values the ethics of the company and also her personal life very well.

Murati’s nationality is Albanian. Also there are reports that her parents are of Indian descent or background. Well, this fact is not true. In our report, we didn’t find any link of Mira with India. Perhaps her Indian name origin made the fans asking about her family background and parents. We need to wait for official statement from her on this topic.

Fact: Mira Murati is not of Indian descent.

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