Who is Moses Bliss wife Marie Wiseborn? Age and Marriage

Popular gospel singer Moses Bliss recently shared exciting news about his upcoming wedding, causing a buzz on social media. Last Friday, Moses quietly posted pictures of the special moment when he asked his fiancée to marry him. The talented singer shared these snapshots of the proposal, and soon after, his fiancée posted a video of the event in London. Let’s dive into the love story of this well-known singer.

Who is Moses Bliss?

Moses Bliss, a gospel minister from Africa based in Abuja, is known for his musical talents, like singing, playing the piano and drums, coaching singers, and leading the Engraced Music crew (TEMCREW). Also, he is the CEO of TEM Planet.

Moses Bliss music and career

With a strong presence in the gospel music scene, Moses has performed alongside famous acts like Pastor Chris, Sinach, Frank Edwards, Tye Tribbett, Samsong, Sonnie Badu, Buchi, and Tim Godfrey. Currently, he is signed to the Latest Grace Music Record Label, and Moses Bliss has gained recognition for his musical skills.

Is Moses Bliss married?

So here is a heartwarming news, Moses Bliss is getting married to Marie Wiseborn, a British lawyer with Ghanaian roots. Their love story unfolded on Instagram, catching the attention of various news outlets. Marie, the British lawyer with a Ghanaian background, had prayed for a husband who could sing and make her smile when she was just six years old.

Moses Bliss shared how they first connected on Instagram, where they got to know each other. News of their engagement has quietly spread, and the couple has even shared their love story through a touching YouTube video.

Fans found it very strange and interesting as both first met on social media and now they share strong bonding to each other. Fans and followers congratulated the couple for their new journey and life.

Moses Bliss Net Worth

As Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn embark on this exciting journey together, their love story, shaped by fate and social media, has captured the hearts of fans and the media alike.

Marie Wiseborn is an influencer on Instagram. She is a known personality and her age is 24 years. Fans can check her Instagram profile for more pictures. Her full name is Marie Agyare-Wiseborn. She is a lawyer and works in UK based law firm. Her net worth is not known but she makes smart income from her profession. Also she teaches law to students.

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