Who is Natalia Fadeev ITTF? Why Israeli model joined army?

Natalia Fadeev is one of the well-known Israeli cosplay model. Recently, she has joined the Israel defense Force to combat Hamas conflict in the Gaza Strip. Most often, Natalia Fadeev posts as a war soldier on her social media account. The reason behind her joining is this that she can’t sleep with the things happening right now in the nation. She claims that she can relate with the pain of survivors. According to her, stories are same as like that of Holocaust survivors. In one of her recent post, she could be seen in full Israel Defense Forces team along with the marking statement- “This is not a war, this is a crime against humanity” Read out what we know so far about Natalia Fadeev?

Why Natalia Fadeev joined army?

From 7 October, Hamas had launched an attack that is causing severe havoc for people living in Israel. Hamas is the Palestinian Islamic Movement. This attack is from Gaza against Israel. Natalia Fadeev is one of the renowned social media model and personality. In one of her recent post, she had made this very clear to her fans that she is not going to be very active on social media because she is on a reviving task in favor of her nation. She had asked for prayers from the audience, as she had joined the unit for reserve duty.

Natalia Fadeev age

Natalia’s popularity on social media platforms is unbeatable. She is quite active on over the Instagram having 776K followers0. She is also a popular TikTok Star and Entrepreneur. She usually post her images of dressed up in Barbie style or anime characters. Her many posts include holding weapons like knives, guns, etc. She wanted to serve for her nation in this need hour.

In one of her note, she had made all of us emotional by mentioning the condition of Israeli local population facing right now. She had proved today that she is not just an entertainer facing audience. Now when she will be facing the people, she would be called a dedicated soldier too. Her posts are gaining a lot of public attention recently.

Natalia Fadeev latest post

Natalia shared a selfie on Instagram featuring her entire Israel Defense Forces unit, accompanied by a message stating,

This is not a war, this is a crime against humanity.

Natalia Fadeev is popularly known by her name Israeli Fantasy Girl and Gun Waifu.

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