Who is Shanti Pereira boyfriend? Age, Husband and parents

Who are the Shanti Pereira parents and boyfriend? She hugs her boyfriend in heartwarming scene after winning Asian Games Gold. National sprinter Shanti Pereira is in news after winning gold in the tournament. She has acclaimed a lot of accolades already thanks to the strings of victories she has got recently. She has not only got those bronzes and silver but also the bright colored gold medals. Her portfolio is quite strong already as her talent is meeting the medal goals. Her recent achievements are giving a lot of hope to the Singaporean fans that she will achieve much more in the coming days. The Asian games have now been added in her bag. Along with this she has been in news for another reason.

Who is Shanti Pereira?

Shanti Pereira is a athlete who made history by winning gold in the Asian games race and sprinting. She is of Indian origin but her nationality is Singaporean.

This highly talented lady clearly means business but in her personal life she is the charm of everyone’s life. She was found along with her boyfriend after winning her silver medal in the Asian Games 100 meters sprint race.

Shanti Pereira boyfriend and husband

Shanti Pereira spotted with her boyfriend in the Asian games. She hugs her partner after winning the gold in game.

She was seen hugging her parents and her boyfriend after winning the silver medal in the 100 meters sprint race. Singapore was expecting a medal from this lady which she delivered and after that you can see that media followed her to find her in a very wholesome moment with her family and her partner.

Shanti Pereira origin and nationality

Embracing parents and partner after winning a stunning medal for Singapore is a great moment showing how supporting her loved ones are. She won the first gold too for Singapore in the 200 meters sprint race. It is quite exciting to see young prospects getting constant results and getting captured in the beautiful moments with their family. It means a lot for the country and family too. Her father asked her to take proper rest as she had been working hard constantly.

Shanti Pereira on social media

Shanti Pereira has an official profile on Instagram with 18K followers. She was born to parents Clarence Pereira and Bridget Jeet Pereira. She has a sibling whose name is Valerie Pereira.

The Shanti Pereira’s net worth is estimated as 164K in 2023.

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