Who is Tommanesha Shauntae Heard? Outrage on Facebook after Athens piano incident

We do heard a lot of controversies and incidents daily on the web. The new incident is all about the the drunk girl Shauntae Heard who damaged the piano of the street artist and tiktoker The Andrew Shoe. The clip of the girl emerged on the Tiktok platform which exposed her actions and shocking behavior. The incident sparked an outrage online and people came in support to artist Andrew Shoe. The internet users took no time to discover her identity on Facebook. Netizens criticized her across various social media platforms and want legal action against her. In the viral video, it can be seen Andrew performing piano on the streets of Athens, Georgia and Shauntae Heard watch her out. We have more details about the lady in this post.

Who is Shauntae Heard?

Shauntae Heard is a lady who was seen in the viral video of the Athens piano incident. Her official Facebook and X account is found which runs under @TommaneshaH. Her mother name is Chanee H Heard’s who is also on Facebook. Netizens complained and posted on her profile regarding her daughter’s actions. The users are criticizing the girl after the incident. They want an official apology from her and respect to the artist.

The Andrew Shoe Piano incident


Although Shauntae Heard appears to have deactivated her official accounts from social media following the incident. She was facing massive anger and opposition from the online users. It was also reported that Heard was arrested by Clarke County before in case of fraud and money theft. TikToker Andrew also disclosed that she took money from his container.

The clip has been already viewed by the millions of people.

Many are calling for the police complaint against the girl as artist claimed that she stolen money. The video ignited an anger to the Athens people. The online users came in support to pianist and shown respect to his music talent.

What happened so far?

After facing massive outrage and anger online, Shauntae Heard apologized for her actions in the recent Facebook post. She had personally offered an apology to the Andrew. Heard urged online users to refrain from involving her family in the online controversy. She also mentioned that she did not take any money from the bucket.

Heard felt sorry for the incident and made an official apology to the Tiktok artist. We hope that things will end up here.

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