Who is Verbalase? Age, Animation video character Charlie controversy

Adym Steven Evans, popularly known as Verbalase, is a 40-year-old beatboxer and content creator with a thriving career on platforms like YouTube and social media. He’s well-known for his vibrant talents, and his YouTube channel, “verbalase,” is a hub for various content, including Cartoon Beatbox Battles and Cartoon Beatbox Lessons.

Verbalase’s unique style has earned him a significant following on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Let’s know how old is Verbalase in 2024.

Verbalase Age

Verbalase was born on January 11, 1984. In the beginning, he gained recognition as a subway beatboxer in New York back in 2016, showcasing his exceptional vocal percussion skills through entertaining videos on his YouTube channel.

With an impressive presence on TikTok and 4.7 million followers, Verbalase continues to capture audiences with his distinct beatboxing videos. His success has also opened doors for collaborations with famous brands and ventures into the voiceover industry, expanding his influence beyond YouTube.

Hazbin Hotel Charlie Verbalase

However, Verbalase finds himself amidst controversy due to an explicit animated video that reportedly cost around $50,000 to create. The controversial clip features Verbalase and the character Charlie from the Hazbin Hotel engaging in explicit acts, sparking discussions and concerns in online communities. Making matters worse, some people are saying that Verbalase might be broke now because of the video. Also, there are screenshots of comments he made before that are being accused of being unfriendly to queer and gay people.

Even with all the noise online, Verbalase hasn’t said anything publicly. No comments, no apologies. This has made people on the internet even more upset, and now there are lots of discussions, criticisms, and even funny memes and jokes about it. Despite the uproar, Verbalase has chosen to remain silent on the matter, leading to speculation and discussions about the unfolding events. This controversy adds a layer of complexity to Verbalase’s versatile career, now under scrutiny not only for his beatboxing skills but also for his involvement in the creation of the contentious animated video.

Verbalase wife

As per reports available, Verbalase is not married. He is single and not dating any lady. The YouTuber kept his personal life and relationships very private from digital world. It is hard to comment on his romantic life and dating timeline.

Verbalase Net Worth

Verbalase aka Adym Evans has 2 million followers on his Instagram account. He is professional musician and runs his own studio ‘Verbal ASE Studios‘. The Verbalase net worth is estimated as $1.58 million.

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