Who is Zay Jones wife? Is he dating girlfriend or not?

Is Zay Jones married or not? Zay Jones is the name who is well known in the American football circle. His passion for playing the American football game is second to none. Zay Jones is also known as Isaiah Avery Jones and he is an wide receiver as far as American football is concerned. He actually started playing his game since a very young age and has been very consistent throughout his career. He has been sought-after by many teams throughout his career as a wide receiver who has been very consistent. His game quality has always been at the top level suitable for American football. Why Zay Jone has been arrested?

Zay Jones growing from college days

Zay Jones has been a player who has been talented on the field and had got a good family life too. He usually never talks about his personal life but there has been headlines sometimes here and there. His NFL career grew mostly with Jacksonville Jaguars. He has even played a lot at college level and there in 13 games he made 8 starts. He was an amazing freshman at East Carolina way back in 2013. His team finished second because of his exploits. He had many stints with the NFL draft coming in 2017, he became 37th pick overall.

Zay Jones hitting headlines for his married life

Zay Jones is married, and he this November 13, 2023 got detained in jail which made headlines. It confirmed his marriage. He was charged with domestic attack that caused harm on the body of victim. It was a first-degree crime. He missed 6 games due to it. His team has missed him now and that shows his importance. With catches and touchdowns being his favorites, his team will be waiting for him in the field.

Why Zay Jones arrested?

According to the latest news, Zay Jones has been arrested due to domestic charges. He had an argument with a woman and later got arrested by the police after woman complained. No official statement yet came from Zay’s side. Zay Jones is a young athlete and has over 163K followers on Instagram. His full name is Josiah Avery Jones.

Many thinks that the woman was his wife or girlfriend but this is not confirmed. The investigating team will unfold the facts in the court. Attorney Hank Coxe representing him in the court.

Zay Jones net worth is $21 million. He is already signed to Jaguars for 2024-25 season.

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