Who was Asfaw Meshesha? Ethiopia pours tribute to talk show star and journalist

What happened to Asfaw Meshesha? Let’s talk about Asfaw Meshesha, a big name in Ethiopian media who made a mark on EBS TV. The famous talk show host and journalist was born on June 15, 1978, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, he wasn’t just a journalist, he was the friendly face on everyone’s TV screen. Sadly, at 45, he left us, leaving a legacy filled with his powerful presence and significant role in Ethiopian media. But Asfaw was more than just a TV guy.

Asfaw loved staying fit, playing soccer, and shooting hoops. His healthy lifestyle wasn’t just for show but it added to his success in the media business.

Who was Asfaw Meshesha married to?

Alongside being a media star, he was also a family man. The Tv personality was married to the talented actress Selamawit Assefa, they nurtured a happy family life, showing us that his influence went way beyond the screen. The Meshesha Assefa family was tight-knit, radiating warmth and support.

Asfaw Meshesha’s family and kids

As a loving father, Asfaw ensured Samson grew up surrounded by love and care. Despite facing the tough blow of losing both his mother and grandfather on the same day in 2010, Asfaw prioritized sharing stories and wisdom about these late family members with his son.

Asfaw Meshesha career and net worth

Starting out on FM Radio 97.1 Irie Music, Asfaw continued to shine on “Nuro Be America” in the U.S. and later returned to Ethiopia, becoming the main host of a beloved Sunday show. Being proudly Ethiopian, Asfaw Meshesha’s roots run deep. As of 2024, his estimated net worth stood at $5 million, a testament to his successful journey in the media industry.

Asfaw Meshesha was battling with cancer

Now, here’s the tough part. In October 2023, Asfaw battled cancer and had a stroke. Even with the community rallying around him and fundraising for his treatment in the U.S., he could not beat it. The Ethiopian community is feeling the loss, and Asfaw’s legacy is all about bringing joy, inspiration, and making a big impact on Ethiopian media. The family hasn’t spoken out about the funeral plans yet, but one thing’s for sure that Asfaw Meshesha’s mark on Ethiopian media isn’t going anywhere. May he rest in eternal peace.

The Ethiopian nationals paid him tribute and remembered his journey. Also entertainment industry on social media reacted on the loss of Asfaw Meshesha.

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