Who was Rym Fikri husband? Suspects arrested in murder case

Who is Rym Fikri and what do we know so far about her husband and son. Rym Fikri is a Moroccan based singer who is known for her songs. She is also a known personality in France. She is in the news because husband of Moroccan actress Rym Fikri has been discovered murdered after going missing. One suspect has been arrested in the murder case. According to the reports, Rym’s reported disappeared from February 08, 2024. Local police was investigating the case and links of French-Moroccan drug lord found in the case. In this post, read out Rym Fikri’s husband and family.

Who is Rym Fikri?

Rym Fikri is a multi-talented personality and well-known singer known for her breakout song titled ‘Stylo warqa‘. The song became a massive hit in France and Morocco after its release. Rim Fikri is also known by nickname RYM on social media. She is a 22-years old young artist and actress.

The singer has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. She is also officially available on YouTube platform where she uploads her music albums and vlog videos to fans.

Rym Fikri is one of the hit singers on Spotify whose songs are listen by over millions of fans.

Rym Fikri husband

Rym Fikri was recently got married to her husband. The singer had not revealed about her husband name and pictures to the public.

The couple had recently shared their marriage with celebration on social media to fans. The death of Rym Fikri’s partner shocked the fans and stormed Moroccan social media with many fans expressing sympathy and worry for Fikri.

According to the reports, six individuals have been arrested in the murder case. Authorities believe that an old conflict between the victim and the primary suspect is the main motive behind the crime.

Rym Fikri had not yet commented anything regarding the incident. While fans expressed their concern and support to the singer on social media.

Professional experts and police teams are presently examining the crime scene, while additional units are working on collecting the evidences.

Rym Fikri on social media

Rym Fikri’s shared about her marriage recently to fans. She hails from Casablanca.

Rym is the youngest chosen EQUAL Arabia ambassador.

The Rym Fikri’s net worth is estimated as $2.67 million as she is linked to many brands and promotions. Rim is one of the well-known and successful Moroccan personality who enjoys strong fanbase in Europe too.

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