Yourfavoritedaughter2 on Tiktok real name Madi Ruvee sparks new debate

Who is Yourfavoritedaughter2 on social media who real name is Madi Ruvee (Madi Ruve). Madi is a social media star and influencer who makes videos for her fans and followers. Her Tiktok bio reveals that she is a photographer who clicks and edits amazing pictures. On her account, she hosts more than 80,000 followers on TikTok platform. Her each post got good number views and engagement. But her recent post and allegations made her famous over the social media.

Debates sparked over internet after she defended herself against allegations of her gym in which a man commenting inappropriate. The video of the incident was shared on X (formerly Twitter) and it got the spotlight and garnering attention.

Who is Yourfavoritedaughter2?

Yourfavoritedaughter2 is the handle name of the Tiktok account of Madi Ruvee who has over ten thousands of followers and lakhs of likes on her account. Madi Ruvee is a model and rising star on social platforms. She also makes adult content for fans. Also she is a professional underwater photographer who makes money for her living. Madi’s age is currently unknown but she looks around in between 25 to 30 years.

At the time of writing, Madi has over 292K followers on her Instagram account.

Madi Ruvee video on social media

A young woman whose name is Madi Ruve became an internet sensation after a video shared on Twitter in which a man approached her at the gym, comments “what’s wrong with girls.” The incident sparked a new debate between Tiktok users as many called the gym an uncomfortable place for girls.

The incident quickly gained widespread attention and went viral. The online community is now engaged in a heated debate after she filmed herself performing pulse squats at her gym and the inappropriate response of the man.

How Tiktok community reacted to video?

A lot of people commented on the video and debating to each other calling inappropriate behavior of the man in the video.

The man inquires about Madi’s workout, and upon learning it’s her leg-day warm-up, he dismisses it, stating, “No, don’t say me that nonsense. I know you’re well aware of what you’re doing.”

Mainly, the users are debating in the top comments whether she was doing ‘pulse squats’ or not in the gym.

Madi is a growing Tiktok star who promotes her videos and content on the platform. Many users defended her on social media after the gym incident.

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