All You Need to Know about Eezee Conceptz

I am sure you must have heard of this name somewhere or from someone. You may wonder what Eezee concepts are if you are just hearing about the name. And probably you may have heard about the name but wonder what exactly it’s about. You are just in the right place.

There’s always a person or more behind a story happening. So also this brand name didn’t just come but is a personality behind it. Eezee conceptz is one of the music brands that churn out gospel artists to give back to their world. The CEO happens to be Ezekiel ThankGod Onyedikachukwu. A native of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He is not only a music director but also a songwriter and artist manager. He didn’t just start his journey into the music industry but has begun way back from when he was a small child, to him being a music director in his university days.

Do you sometimes wonder if there are any music producers who produce only gospel songs? Of course, there are and Eezee concepts are one of such producers. It happens to be home to the younger and upcoming artist in the gospel industry who wants to impact their world for Christ Jesus. Some popular gospel musicians you listen to their songs are signed under this record label, Eezee conceptz. Some of whom are;

Mercy Chinwo

She signed to this record label in 2017 and 2018, she got her hit song released “Excess love” which got her an award at the Africa Gospel Awards Festival (AGAFEST 2019) and she has over 10singles to her name under the record label like “obinasom” ,”kosi”, “omekanaya” amongst others.


He was signed 2019 to this record label and had his hit song “All that matters” the following year, 2020. “Emimimo”, ” Alabo”, “Thank you” are a few of his singles with the record label.


She was signed in 2019 to this record label and had her hit song “more than gold” released and also featured MM1, Mercy Chinwo. She has other songs to her name also like “Songs of Angel”, “Fountain”, “Jesus is coming” amongst others.

Chris Morgan

“More than music and singing, worship is a lifestyle, and with the right mindset, I think of nothing more important than the worship of God.” Those were his words. He’s a worship leader extraordinaire and got signed under this record label. He was the one who sang “Abba Father”, “Emarama”, “Spirit of peace”, “Chidinma” his latest among other songs.

Chidinma Ekile

The kedike singer then had her transition to gospel songs under this record label 2021 with her first released single of “Jehovah overdo” and she has released other songs too such as “Chukwuoma”, ” This love”, “Lion and the lamb” amongst others.

Tobi Godwin

Have you listened to “Son of God”? That is one of his singles from the stable of Eezee conceptz. He also sang “Ekele” and “God did it”.

What else do you know about Eezee conceptz that we are missing? Tell us in the comment box.

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  1. Please I am a young chorester dreaming of how to manifest God through music. Please how can I also signup with Eezee concepts so as to also bless my world through singing?


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