Amber Monson, Jeremy Renner new girlfriend age and Instagram pics

What do we know about the Jeremy Renner new girlfriend and partner Amber Monson? Who is she? Amber Monson hails from Reno, Nevada, and is a skilled professional in the fields of hair and makeup artistry. The hair stylist is in the romantic relationship with actor Actor Jeremy Renner who is known for his roles in Marvel series. The couple first met together at the club event in August 2023. Jeremy Renner is known Marvel action hero who used to be into news headlines because of personal relationships and dating. Let’s explore more about his new partner Amber Monson and her past life.

Amber Monson with son Drake

Who is Amber Monson?

Amber Monson is a professional hair stylist and makeup artist and she is 34-years old lady. According to the Nevada authorities, she had faced 24 months jail for the crazy police chase in the April 2021. But now she is free and living in her home.

Fans believe that something is cooking up between Amber and Jeremy. Monson is the mother of a young son and had faced many challenges in her life. She is facing multiple charges and rules breaking case on her since last few years.

Amber Monson son

Amber Monson and Jeremy Renner relationship

Jeremy met to Amber at a club in August 2023. Since then both came close to each other and often spotted together at different places. Fans believe that both are seriously committed to each other. Already they are progressing in the relationship journey as Jeremy introduced Amber to his family in a video chat.

Jeremy is aware of the Monson’s legal troubles and cases. He is also assisting her to come overt the things and start new journey together with his partner. Monson has 7 cases opened against her in Nevada.

Amber Monson’s past life and journey via Instagram

Amber Monson runs her own personal account on Instagram where she had uploaded many pictures with family and son. She has a young son named Drake. Amber is a proud mother as she spends lot of time with son.

Monson also runs her professional business account for pro hair tips and makeup guides. Amber’s ex-partner or boyfriend name isn’t revealed. It seems both are separated and parted their way years ago.

It has been confirmed that hairdresser Amber Monson and actor Jeremy Renner are in the romantic relationship. Both may announced their official engagement soon.

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