Antiques Road Trip Auctioneer Hettie Jago age, bio, parents and family

What do we know about Antiques Road Trip season 27 auctioneer Hettie Jago? Hettie Jago who has been quite popular due to reality show these days. She was born in the family of antique lovers and works in the same business. She was born watching family collecting silver and gold antiques. Her passion for antiques can be found in her genes. She has always been a lady who loves the visuals of antiques. Hettie is also the owner of Hettie Jewellery.

Hettie Jago was born on 16 June, 1983. Her age is around 34 years old. Her works revolve around selling the pre-owned silver jewellery. If you are curious to know more about her then this is the post that can guide you very well.

Hettie Jago age and parents

Hettie Jago was born in London, England. Her mother was a lovely gardener and florist while her father had love for antique pieces that she grew loving. She went to auctions and fairs with her father since childhood and gained a huge amount of knowledge in the childhood. She after completing her college worked with Bonhams who are the greatest auctioneers in the world to get complete idea regarding the auction process pf antiques. As she got valuable knowledge about the antiques especially the silver jewellery ones, she went on to open her own venture pretty soon.

How much is Hettie Jago net worth?

Hettie Jago is the new expert in Antiques Road Trip in 2023 where she joins antique dealer and TV show personality David Harper. She is quite active in this BBC show. She is married to Tom Jago who is a software engineer. Her net worth is around 1.5 million USD making her a highly rich personality. She has taken this TV show by a storm by showcasing all her talents and skills about antiques and impressing the viewers with her witty comments.

Hettie Jago, a beautiful auctioneer

Hettie Jago is a very beautiful auctioneer who is grabbing everyone’s attention after appearing in the reality show Antiques Road Trip. She is also a travel expert who buys old and antique jewelry, objects and silver items.

She also runs her antique jewellery store online to sell bracelets, necklace, bangles, pendants, etc.

Hettie Jago has 6K followers on her official Instagram account. On her profile, she shares amazing collections and new items to fans. She mentions that her passion and expertise is in quality pre-owned silver items.

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