Asmongold new girlfriend Kaise, is he dating Twitch star?

When everyone was discussing about the relationship of Twitch star Asmongold with Pink Sparkles, it has been revealed that he is dating new girlfriend? And her name is Kaise who is also a Twitch streamer and content creator. Well Asmongold is a very known name in the streaming and gaming community or if you are usually a Twitch streaming follower. Twitch has created its own space for amazing streamers and their followers these days. Let’s we know more about Asmongold and Kaise’s relationship and love journey.

Who is Asmongold?

Asmongold is a very popular Twitch streamer and we all know he had been dating Pink Sparkles till the recent time. She is a lady who has been a great Twitch streamer herself. Asmongold has been a great streamer and has always streamed good quality content to attract his fans. He has been a streamer who is above excellent and has streamed some amazing action games.

Asmongold and Pink Sparkles relationship

Knowing about the relationship status of Asmongold and Pink Sparkles
Asmongold is Zack in real life and it is his real name. Pink Sparkles has got the real name that is Izzy. Both were dating and streaming together while enjoying their life. Their streams were quite funny as they used to pull each other’s legs. They continued to have a relationship that used to look like that would last forever but suddenly it has come to a halt as of now. This relationship breaking has broken the hearts of many mutual fans of this ex-couple.

Pink Sparkles breakup with Asmongold

Both mutually decided to breakup and Pink Sparkles said it was quite difficult to part away from this beautiful relationship. Both had great time together but somehow having different goals means they have to go separate ways to lead their life. They wish best things for each other while continuing to stream separately. This couple has led their relation for a year with dignity before choosing to go separate ways. For more updates about this couple, you can follow this news to get new updates. We also wish them the best while looking for new streams.

Asmongold’s new girlfriend Kaise

kaise twitch

Based on rumors and speculations, we can say Asmondgold is dating his new girlfriend Kaise because she was appeared in a live stream video beside her on Twitch.

Kaise has its own fan base on Instagram and Twitch. Fans are enjoying the duo’s chemistry on live stream.

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