Chio Chicano age and real name? How much is her net worth?

Who is Chio Chicano? Let’s know about talented rapper and music artist. Chio Chicano is a very top artist rapper from South Korea. She is a leading rapper in many music videos that you might have seen trending in the global list.

Chio Chicano is a very talented rapper and her lyrics writing can be easily termed as dope. She has broken the barriers in 2023 and has differentiated a lot as far as the music is concerned. This rapper is changing the scene in South Korea and she is born and brought up in this beautiful country that has got great culture in it. She has been working as a rapper professionally and has been roped by the Talented agency.

Chio Chicano age

Chio is a young music artist whose is in between 25 to 35 years. In just few years, she gained recognition among fans for her music style. Netizens are criticizing Chio Chicano for her recent video on the social media. An old video of Chio surfaced on social media showcasing her rapping skills.

The Chio Chicano’s nationality is Korean and ethnicity is Asian. While her real name isn’t revealed yet.

The posted video sparked a discussion among fans and their reactions. Many fans expressed their concern over its perceived “insensitivity” and questioning the cultural promotion that Chio Chicano was attempting, specifically in the industry of Korean R&B/Hip Hop.

Chio Chicano songs career

Chio Chicano is a rapper who always loves to bring unique flavors in the rapping industry. She has got top singles as a lead artist. A couple of the songs that broke the records are Like What Like That in 2023, and Kitty D*ck in 2023. The year proved to be very good in her professional journey.

In 2023, she has been contributing a lot to the South Korean rapping industry and you will always love her work without any doubt at all. She has got a good career ahead of her and you can expect more music from her.

Chio Chicano Net Worth

The Chio Chicano net worth is $546K. The South Korean rapper appears in street events and concerts. In 2023, the artist released her album “Like What Like That” and attracted music lovers of South Korean. Her new song will be out in 2024 in collaboration with other artists. She will perform in a band and released her song worldwide. Her Instagram account @chioch1can has 11K followers by the end of 2023.

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