Comedian Heath Cordes age, podcast KillTony Golden Ticket winner

Who is KillTony podcast Golden Ticket winner Heath Cordes? The young comedian is taking debate spots on social media after podcast show. Nowadays, people who work hard and have got the skills get the scope to reach huge heights. Acting is quite difficult task but then Heath Cordes has ensured that he shines in this sphere of professional life too. Many people are curious and are looking to know who this guy is because of his mastery in the craft. It is difficult to find a lot about him as he is taking a step each time to the eyes of public. As he keeps on growing, it is going to be interesting to follow him. How old is Heath Cordes?

Heath Cordes on YouTube

Heath Cordes is an actor who has tried his hand in YouTube works to get famous before taking gigs which made him get noticed in the entertainment industry where big names are getting curious about this young prodigious guy. Skills are different but his level of gratitude for his fans and colleagues is winning many hearts already. He is bringing a different flavour to his characters to usually keep his fans entertained very easily. So, you must be already curious and that is why we have got hold of his short bio-data to help you know him more.

Heath Cordes Age

Heath Cordes is an actor based out in the Arabian countries. He prefers he/him pronouns. None know about his actual age and that is why there is a wild guess around 12 to 19 years old. He is surely European descent making him a guy of white ethnicity. He weighs around 43 kgs while his height is said to be 5 feet. He is built quite average way if his body is concerned while his blonde hair and grey eyes combinations are attracting his fans more often than not.

Heath Cordes on podcast show

Heath Codes had recently appeared on the the weekly live broadcast show KillTony on YouTube which originates from Austin, Texas. From the podcast, he reached viewers worldwide by winning the Golden Ticket on show. The show features Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban as a host. Heath Cordes has gained 25K followers on Instagram in just few months.

Fans loved his appearance on the show and welcomed him with best wishes for his talent. The young comedian shocked everyone from his fun talent and sense of humor.

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