Did Rainhoe revealed face? Vtuber’s real name, age and Twitch

Rainhoe is a popular digital creator and gamer in the industry of virtual tubers. She is always a fan favorite, thanks to her funny works. Many fans look to know about her and understand about her life in personal level. She has always kept a bit of distance that way but still she is a lovely person in the eyes of her fans. Her modelling fascination has made her look attractive in the mind of her fans who are yet to see her face. Here in this post, we are going to reveal a lot about this personality. If you want to know about her then stick to this post.

Rainhoe age and height

Rainhoe is of around 21 years old and her birthday is celebrated every October 5. She is of around 5 feet 4 inches. Her birthday is usually full of wishes from her fans who love her. She hates people calling her short, so if you are her fan, then avoid this term. She is your usual girl who likes to throw a bit of tantrums but with love. Her fans always like her attitude and that has given her good fame. She is a stylish celebrity who loves streaming always to keep her fans glued.

Rainhoe face reveal

Rainhoe is a VTuber with more than 200K followers on Twitch. She is from Netherlands and has been a demon girl trapped in the space. She has always been clumsy and her dream debut was the start of the new life for her. She has been very obsessive for her fans and her fans love her for her chaotic personality. She has finally revealed her face during the latest live stream. It broke the internet and people felt more in love with her very easily.

Rainhoe had not yet shared his photos or pictures on her social account. It is believed that she had accidently revealed her face in a video.

Rainhoe fans on Twitter and Instagram

Rainhoe enjoys huge fans support and love on her social media handles like Twitter and Instagram. She has 133K followers on her Twitter account. RainhoeVT is her official handle name on YouTube and Twitch. She has 1.2 lakh followers on her channel.

Rainhoe net worth

The Rainhoe net worth is estimated as $220K combining through Twitch, YouTube, Instagram paid sponsorship, live streams and gifts.

She is also an official partner of Gamer Supps, an energy drink brand.

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