Luca Kaneshiro face reveal, age and real name

Luca Kaneshiro

Luca Kaneshiro, a famous English Virtual YouTuber, is gaining popularity in the VTuber world with his charming personality. Luca captures the attention of people worldwide with his friendly attitude, long brown hair, striking blue eyes, and various talents. He excels as a content creator, sharing gaming sessions, singing, drawing, and having lively chats with his … Read more

Mafumafu married Mikeneko or Rushia then divorced (Drama Explained!)


There is something happening between Mafumafu, Mikeneko (formerly known as Rushia) which took vtuber community by storm and made the fans asking what’s actually going between the famous virtual creators. It all started after Mafumafu revealed that he was married and then divorced. The current situation and confusing over his statement is blowing up the … Read more

Twitch star Konvy age, real name and sister


What do we know so far about Twitch streamer and video game player Konvy who gained popularity for her live streaming content and videos. Konvy is a 20-years young talented gamer who is rising in the gaming community. Fans know him very well because of his amazing creation of content. He is a typically different … Read more

A2guapo face reveal, age and girlfriend


Who is mysterious Twitch streamer A2guapo? Did he revealed his face? A2guapo is a professional gamer and his streaky gameplay has made him quite popular among the fans in gaming community. He is an amazing guy as far as the skillful gaming is concerned. He just does not play games professionally as he also plays … Read more