Why was Adept arrested? Twitch star xQc ex-girlfriend

Has streamer xQc’s ex-girlfriend been arrested? There are reports that Adept has been arrested by the police in the charges of the stolen car. No, there is no official statement or report which claimed the arrest of Adept. As of now, it seems to be circulating rumor on social media. It is true that there were legal proceedings in the past and xQc claimed to win the case in the court order.

xQc’s real name is Félix Lengyel who is a known Canadian gamer and Twitch streamer. He is 28- years old. He was dating his girlfriend Adept in the past.

xQc started his professional career from streaming on Twitch and playing Pc games like League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, etc. Also he participated in the tournaments and competitive matches.

During the livestream, xQc talked about the theft of his car, the McLaren 720-S Spider. The fans believe that his car was stolen by his ex-girlfriend and then sold. Following xQc’s claim that his McLaren was sold against a court order, fans criticized and trolled Adept, adding to the online comments to the situation and discussing the social media response. A clip of xQc discussing the situation is being discussed on social media, leading viewers to engage in trolling.

xQc did not openly named his partner while talking about his stolen car but fans managed to figure out that he is talking about his ex-partner.

Because of the privacy and legal reasons, it’s important for readers to know that the streamer never mentioned Adept’s name officially in his stream.

The ongoing drama raised clashes and debate between fans on Twitch and other platforms comments section. Without taking each other names, fans are blaming each other and criticizing the streamer.

xQc broke up with ex-partner Adept in 2022 after dating to each other for few months.

Following the viral clip of one of xQc’s streams, online rumors about Adept’s arrest began circulating on the web but it is not true. Also many users created false mugshots of Adept, claiming her arrest by the police. Adept has refrained from making any statements in the public on social media regarding the ongoing rumors about her. We can expect that Adept will share her side of story and truth soon to public as the drama continues to gain fire on on social media. Adept is a content creator on YouTube who posts videos on her channel.

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