Mafumafu married Mikeneko or Rushia then divorced (Drama Explained!)

There is something happening between Mafumafu, Mikeneko (formerly known as Rushia) which took vtuber community by storm and made the fans asking what’s actually going between the famous virtual creators. It all started after Mafumafu revealed that he was married and then divorced. The current situation and confusing over his statement is blowing up the minds of the Japanese and Asian fans. He had not revealed the name of the other person in his post.

In a post, Mafumafu mentioned that he got married in December 2021 and took divorce in July 2022. Surprisingly, fans were not aware of his marriage or relationship. That’s why the announcement shocked the virtual community fans and viewers. Fans find this hard to believe but it’s confirmed. MafuMafu also apologized for not revealing his ex-partner name. While netizens started speculating the name and figuring out connection with Vtuber figures Mikeneko (Rushia).

The ongoing drama between Rushia and Mafumafu had confused the fans. The reports based on social communities and discussions allegedly claimed that Mafumafu and Rushia were married after all but later they got separated because she cheated on him. Now Mafumafu is in the process of taking legal action against her. While other theories suggests and links the name of Mikeneko in the plot. Well most of the reports and claims are alleged until we hear the story of other side.

Till now, the latest development in the story is that fans are reacting after this story emerged on vtuber communities. Also Rushia who is a famous VTuber and known personality in Hololive world. She had not commented or reacted to the alleged allegations. While are looking to know the truth and find out that what’s actually happening the community.

Already the drama of vtubers Mafumau, Rushia and Mikeneko are being discussed on social media. Fans believe that it is not good for the virtual tuber community. They should resolve the situation as soon as possible without making it a drama on social media.

Mafumafu is a known Japanese singer personality who is 32-years old and member of the ‘After the Rain‘ group. Mikeneko is a Japanese youtuber and virtual content creator who had revealed her face on Instagram. Formerly she was known by the name Rushia when signed to the Hololive. Now she posts her animated content on YouTuber and Twitch where she entertains fans. Rushia admitted in past that she was in romantic relationship with Mafumafu.

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