Twitch streamer SquChan face reveal, nationality and real name

Who is rising Twitch streamer SquChan? Did she revealed her identity and face reveal to fans? SquChan is a freelance artist and English VTuber, kicked off her Twitch journey on June 15, 2020, and started modeling on February 13, 2021. The virtual content creator has 4 lakh followers on X (formerly Twitter). Her nationality is English and age is under 25 years.

SquChan’s Twitch career

Doing her own thing, she also joined the Twitch squad Vyugen in September 2021. This easygoing space cat weaves enchanting conversations and spices up her streams with sarcasm, rants, and dance parties. She’s quick with her art and chats easily while creating, throwing in some banter and sarcasm for trolls. You might catch her ranting or having a dance party on her streams.

SquChan also runs her own digital content based YouTube Channel where she posts ASMR and animated videos. On her YouTube channel, she has 158K official subscribers. Her videos on platform got over millions of views and huge engagement with fans.

How does SquChan look like?

SquChan revealed her one of a kind look on August 4, 2022. She rocks mid-length blond hair with lilac highlights, decorated with black bows, clips, and an ahoge. Her tail and ears, blending hair and fur, match her hair color. Her bright eyes in red, orange, and purple, with tiny hearts, give her a magical vibe. The original model showcases a unique style with a white collar, red skirt, red amulet, and black boots with red laces, reflecting her special identity.

SquaChan had not yet revealed her real identity and face. She kept her name and face hidden from the public domain.

SquChan as a virtual content creator

In a surprising turn, SquChan is not related to Sodapoppin, the Twitch broadcaster from England. Even though she used Sodapoppin’s VRChat model as a base, SquChan made significant modifications.

Sodapoppin’s appearance, including his pale complexion, dark brown hair, and pink bangs, is quite different from SquChan’s space cat look. Sodapoppin’s ongoing legal situation with ex-boyfriend Vigors adds complexity to his story. With her unique appearance, special features, and engaging streaming style, SquChan keeps delighting her audience with charm, artistry, and a hint of space cat magic.

SquChan net worth

The SquChan net worth is $125K as she makes monthly income through Twitch subscription and revenue model.

Also her income comes through brand promotions, YouTube channel ads and sponsors on social media.

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