Who is Cheesur girlfriend and real name? Age of streamer and career

Who is millionaire streamer and influencer Cheesur who is famous on the Kick streaming platform? Kick streamer enjoys strong fan base and viewership on his latest videos and daily content. Cheesur is a young rising gaming star who is also growing on YouTube platform. Many know him as Nermin Cheesur, a very popular Kick streamer. He has been usually in the news of public for some reason or other. He has always been the darling of the media sometimes for highly positive news, and sometimes for being a controversial figure. Now, you might be thinking why we are talking about him. Well, we are talking about him because of the recent criticism of public drawn towards him. He has always done stuffs to irritate public and this is not new.

Cheesur age and real name

Cheesur is an American gamer personality on YouTube and Instagram. He was born on April 25, 2001 in United States. In 2024, his age is 22 years old. He gained popularity after he collaborated with famous Twitch star Adin Ross.

Cheesur’s recent donation incident

Recently, while talking with a person whose family was financially struggling, he had done a 10 USD donation and there is a news that he has refunded that amount. It is a very ridiculous step from this popular Kick streamer and that has ignited the fire among his fans. It is very terrible that he has went down to such a level. When he showed sympathy and shared the money he was in different mindset, but then he went on to say that while he gave that person a donation, he did not even say thank you, and that is why he has refunded it while showing his mobile screen.

Understanding the reactions of fans

Fans are very furious due to the insensitive act he has shown through his sudden outrage as of now. They have shown their displeasure. Now, they are looking to boycott his streams in his Kick account too. He might soon put up an apology or else he will keep losing his fans. Hopefully, other streamers see this incident and do not do this horrible mistake ever. It is a terrible thing for sure.

Cheesur girlfriend

Cheesur’s girlfriend name is not known. Recently, he was seen with his friends Adin Ross and Konvy in the live stream. At the time of writing, Cheesur got 22.7K followers on his Instagram account.

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