Did Stephanie Floriska revealed real face? Instagram fans speculate Kobo Kanaeru

As we all know that many Virtual YouTubers (VTubers) had chosen to keep their real-life identities hidden and maintain an online presence solely through their animated avatars. The VTubers are quite popular among young generation because of the animated content and videos. Kobo Kanaeru is a famous VTuber who had not yet revealed her face but got immense popularity on Hololive and YouTube. Fans suspect that the real personality behind the virtual personality is Stephanie Floriska. Who is she?

We recommend checking the latest news and social media platforms of the VTuber to find the most up-to-date information as there are multiple rumors spreading across the social media.

Who is Kobo Kanaeru?

Kobo Kanaeru is a virtual personality and popular Indonesian VTuber. She has captured the interest of numerous individuals through their distinct character traits and animation creation. The VTuber’s name is suddenly linked to the Stephanie Floriska as fans believe she is real life idenity behind the virtual character. She is the rain girl character who hold so many mysteries in her life.

Kobo’s Hololive id is @KoboKanaeru and it has 12.5 million followers on the platform. The Vtuber is also known by the name “Kobokerz”.

Is Kobo Kanaeru’s real identity Stephanie Floriska?

Among the allegations garnering significant attention from the fans, it is suspected that Stephanie Floriska could be behind the character. This topic is a heated discussion among the fans as it attracted lots of fans to know the real identity of the animation character Kobo Kanaeru. She has account on Twitter (@kobokanaeru) and YouTube channel (Kobo Kanaeru Ch. hololive-ID).

Kobo presents interesting content, unique individual songs and music covers to live game streaming and chilling horror narratives. The debut single, titled “Rain Spell,” has garnered over 9.6 million views.

Stephanie Floriska has undeniably become a trending discussion topic within both YouTuber and VTuber community.

Numerous parties have presented arguments and evidence, particularly concerning the resemblances in voices and musical backgrounds.

Kobo Kanaeru face revealed or not?

Offiially talked, no face reveal has been done by the VTuber. It is just fans strong feeling that they believe the Stephanie Floriska is behind this popular character because of same voice, expressions and background music on videos.

About character – Kobo is a descendant of rain charmers, she possesses the unique capability to command rainfall. She is portrayed as a joyful young girl. The character is 17-years old who lives in Lighthouse spire room.

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