Dispatch Korea Couple 2024 revealed, netizens react on social media

Are you also waiting for the Dispatch Korea 2024 dating couple announcement. Korean news media brand announces the name of celebrity couple every year but it gets delayed in this year 2024. Fans are checking over the social media for any update or announcement from Dispatch but still no hints to the list. Since 2013, it has become a tradition in the country for the media outlet Dispatch to unveil confirmation couple on every January 1st.

Dispatch Korea dating 2024 list

Few reports claimed that Park Eun Bin is presently romantically involved with actor Chae Jong Hyeop and they will be titled as Dispatch 2024 couple honor.

K-pop and K-drama enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for the list of the dating couple. It has been a day after the New Year and fans are still waiting for couple announcement from Dispatch. However, as the outlet has yet to make any declaration, fans are expressing their reactions on social media.

A lot of memes and posts are being circulating on the topic where users made fun on Dispatch deciding team and guessing couple name.

It is very uncommon for the media outlet Dispatch as it opted not to reveal any celebrity couples on January 1st, 2024. Fans find it very unusual and reacted surprisingly on the K-drama community.

Why Dispatch not revealed couple yet?

The decision by Dispatch to remain silent and not disclose any celebrity couple on this occasion could be due to various factors, including a respect for the privacy of the individuals involved. But fans seems to be unhappy. Another reason may be to avoid unnecessary speculation or controversies. Or it can be a strategic shift in the Dispatch outlet’s approach to handling such announcements.

Additionally, external circumstances, such as ongoing events or the evolving nature of the entertainment industry, could have influenced their decision.

How fans reacted on social media?

Social media accounts like Twitter and Tiktok have been flooded with fans reactions and meme posts.

Numerous individuals eagerly await the unveiling of South Korea’s “Dispatch New Year Couple.”

The trend of the term “Dispatch Couple” on X (formerly Twitter) can be seen on social media. It appears that certain netizens may find it difficult to rest until the reveal of couple name.

In 2023, IU and Lee Jong Suk were given the Dispatch Couple 2023 title. We hope that Dispatch will soon reveal the name for 2024 couple soon.

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