Emily Mariko parents and ethnicity, is she married?

Who is Emily Mariko husband? Emily Mariko and Matt Rickard got married after being engaged for two years. They had a very happy ceremony, and Emily, who makes videos on TikTok, walked down the aisle with her excited dad. This marked the beginning of a new part of their lives.

Who are Emily Mariko parents?

Emily’s parents, Jane Nakagawa and Michael Ellis, were very important in supporting and loving her.Emily’s mom, Jane Nakagawa, has been there for her since she was born, and her dad, Michael Ellis, too. Emily and Matt, who had been together for six years, officially became husband and wife in July 2023. Jane Nakagawa, Emily’s mom, has been like a strong pillar in her life, giving her a lot of support.

Emily Mariko mother

Jane Nakagawa was born in January 1960 and is proud of her Japanese-American background. Even though she lost her dad, Shiro Jack, on March 16, 2020, she has good memories of him being a golf lover and being married to her mom for 63 years. Jane also has an older brother named Roy Y Nakagawa.

Growing up as an “expat-brat” between the U.S. and Japan influenced who she is. Jane is a successful professional who studied Studio Art at Smith College and got a Master’s in Architecture from UCLA. Her career took off when she worked at GK Design, International, where she helped design packages and transportation. Her important work at Nissan North America got her recognized by Automotive News. Jane has always cared about her community and culture, serving on the boards of important organizations.

Emily Mariko father

Michael Ellis was born on March 14, 1957. He is a White-American and has a sister named Michele Ellis Pracy, who is well-known in the art administration field. Michael is one of the founders of a company called 5+ design, where he is really good at planning and designing buildings inside and out. His job there is mainly about talking with clients and figuring out how to make their designs the best.

Michael learned a lot about this in college at Occidental College and UCLA. He has done a lot of important work in the architecture and design world. If you want to know what Michael is up to, you can find him on Instagram @ellis_michael and Facebook @michael.ellis.5099.

The story of Emily Mariko and Matt Rickard getting married is not just about love but also about the strong support and different backgrounds that shaped their lives.

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