Highdee Kuan age and ethnicity of The Brothers Sun cast actress

Who is the actress of The Brothers Sun season 1 cast Highdee Kuan? How old is she? Highdee Kuan is an American actress who is known for her notable contributions in television series movies. In the past, she had worked in movies This Is Us and The Young and the Restless. Her latest Netflix series is ‘The Brothers Sun’ in which she is playing the role of ‘Alexis’. She is playing an important role in the first season of the series. Her role and acting won the audiences heart and made to know more about the actress family background and biography.

Who is Highdee Kuan?

Highdee Kuan, a professional actress, is gaining attention for her role in Netflix’s newest series, ‘The Brothers Sun.’ The actress was born on May 3, ‎1998 and she holds comes from San Francisco, United States. Her nationality is American.

Highdee’s knows multiple languages like Mandarin, Dutch, English, and German provides her more opportunities and chance to broaden her professional acting career beyond Hollywood.

The Highdee Kuan ethnic background is Multiracial. And her ethnicity is Asian. It is because her parents comes from different race and descent. In her social media profile, Highdee mentions that she is from Holland and lives in Los Angeles.

Highdee Kuan acting career

Highdee Kuan

Highdee Kaun is in the initial phase of her professional career. The Highdee Kuan age is 26 years in 2024 and she is working hard for successful career in acting. She had worked in about dozens of movies and TV shows. Her latest work is in ‘The Brothers Sun‘ which is making her popular among Netflix fans. Her upcoming TV series are Interior ‘Chinatown’ and ‘Fall Risk’.

The ‘Brothers Sun’ series provides a captivating and enlightening story which skillfully combines drama, action and humor.

Highdee Kuan boyfriend

In the past, Highdee Kaun had shared about her boyfriend. She informed fans through Instagram that she is a dating a guy named Andre.

The Highdee Kuan height is 5 feet and 6 inches and weight is around 108lbs / 49kg. Her eyes are hazel and hair color is brown.

Highdee Kuan Net Worth

The Highdee Kuan net worth is estimated as $1.65 million in 2024. At the time of writing, the actress got 29.1K followers on her official Instagram profile. She grew up in Netherlands and later moved to California to learning arts, theatre and acting. Kuan got an award for acting in 2016.

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