How Jack Kirby Vanessa Kirby related to each other? Fantastic Four cast

Is Vanessa Kirby daughter or granddaughter of Jack Kirby? Different fans discussions and theories are circulating on social media after Marvel announced the cast of Fantastic Four movie. Vanessa Kirby is one of the lead cast of the movie and fans are linking the actress name with Jack Kirby. Due to their similar last name, few fans thinks that there is some connection between Vanessa Kirby who is going to play role of Sue Storm, and Jack Kirby, co-creator of the Fantastic Four. Let’s check all the details which we need to know about Vanessa Kirby and Jack Kirby.

Who is Vanessa Kirby?

Vanessa Kirby is a professional English actress who is 35-years old. She is known for her role in movies ‘Fantastic Four‘, ‘Mission Impossible‘, ‘Napoleon’, etc. Vanessa was born on 18 April 1988 in Wimbledon, London, England. Her father name is Roger Kirby and mother name is Jane Kirby.

Her upcoming projects are Fantastic Four and Mission: Impossible- Dead Reckoning Part Two.

Vanessa is one of the rising actress who has made net worth and fortune of about million dollars.

Vanessa Kirby was in relationship with actor Callum Turner from 2016 to 2020. Since 2022 she is dating Paul Rabil who is a professional professional lacrosse player.

Is Vanessa Kirby related to Jack Kirby?

No Vanessa Kirby is not related to Jack Kirby. She is not the daughter or granddaughter of Jack Kirby. There is no connection between them. Vanessa is an English actress while Jack Kirby is a professional American comic book artist known for creating Marvel characters. Vanessa’s biological parents are Roger Kirby (urologist) and Jane Kirby (editor).

The makers made the casting announcement, Vanessa Kirby has officially joined the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, taking on the role of Sue Storm.

Vanessa Kirby’s professional life and net worth

The Vanessa Kirby net worth is estimated as $11 million. On her Instagram, she has about 2.3 million followers.

Kirby professional career began in 2009 when she appeared in ‘Arthur Miller’s All My Sons‘. Following that, she took on a role in ‘Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts’ later that year.

In 2024, she has been selected for playing the role of Invisible Woman/Susan Storm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). She had also received an award for AACTA International Awards in 2024 for Best International Supporting Actress.

She also acted in the ‘Mission: Impossible‘ movie and ‘The Crown (2016)‘ TV series

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