How old is Vili Fualaau? New Wife, age and parents

Meet Vili Fualaau parents Luaiva Fualaau and Soona Vili. Vili Fualaau is already famous and we all know why but still we will discuss that in this post. Then do you know about his parents? Are you curious to know who are they? Well, this post is going to cover that story for you and just stick to it to get some news that can spice up your curious minds very easily. Villi Fualaau got the fame for being in the news for controversial reason but then sometimes negative or positive fame is fame as many people think.

Knowing more about Villi Fualaau

As of now, Villi Fualaau is already a 40 years old person. He was born on 26 June 1983. He got that public attention because of his controversial relationship with his former teacher. It happened when he was in sixth grade. Her name was Mary Kay Letourneau. This relation started when he was a minor that led to severe legal stuff for his teacher. She was serving the sentence for child rape. After she came out of the jail in 2005, they both married each other showing the strong bond they shared. This 175 cm man weighing 72 kgs always loved his teacher.

Vili Fualaau parents

Luaiva Fualaau and Soona Villi are from Samoa and it confirms that Vili Fualaau is of Samoan origin although he is born and brought up in the United States of America. He is a citizen of the USA. His family culture stayed rooted to Samoa despite the controversial path this guy took. His parents were liberal but see this kind of relationship did shock them. It is difficult to digest this kind of relationship as it not something common in the current world. Despite all the setbacks this couple stayed strong.

Vili Fualaau Net Worth

The Vili Fualaau net worth is $2.57 million. His main occupation and profession is DJ. He owns a luxurious residence in his hometown of Burien, Washington. The disc jockey found her path to financial success through music, reality TV, and disc jockey career. He is also having huge fan following on Instagram.

Vili Fualaau ex-wife Mary Kay Letourneau, passed away from cancer in 2020 at the age of 58. Vili Fualaau is not remarried to new wife. The interesting fact is that Vili Fualaau has become a father of three and is on the verge of becoming a grandfather soon. Vili have three kids from his late ex-wife.

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