Is Brian Barczyk alive or not? Death rumors of vlogger raises concern among fans

What happened to the vlogger Brian Barczyk? He is facing health challenges due to the pancreatic cancer. He is admitted to the hospital for treatment but few posts on the social media posted about the passing away of YouTuber. Brian Barczyk is alive and admitted to the hospital. He is a famous YouTuber and vlogger who channel name “SnakeBytesTV”. It has millions of views and subscribers and posts content about exotic animals and adventurous life. His fans are concerned and serious about his health. Let’s know more about Brian Barczyk’s health condition and treatment update.

Who is Brian Barczyk?

Brian Barczyk is a YouTuber who is known for his channel “SnakeBytesTV” which has 2 million subscribers. Over the years, he made a strong family and community on social media and got loyal fan following to his channel. He is a vlogger, YouTuber, internet personality and TV star who is 56 years old and was born in 1969.

There have been spreading rumors about his passing on social media, leading numerous fansto inquire about his health.

Brian is an animal vlogger and used to visit on a global journey for thrilling animal adventures and documenting the experience through his daily vlogs. He posted his reptiles exploring videos on YouTube which made him very popular in the world.

He is the founder of Reptile Army community.

Is Brian Barczyk alive or dead?

Brian Barczyk is not dead, he is alive and hospitalized. Brian Barczyk had not stopped following his passion and shares his love for animals. On his social media account, he posts about vlogging experience global audience. This assures that he is alive and in good health.

Yes, he is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and undergoing treatment. Consistently, he has been informing his followers about ongoing developments in his treatment and the challenges he faces. His loyal followers showed him full support and wishing for him to recover soon from health issues.

Brian Barczyk wife and family

Brian is married and his wife name is Lori Barczyk. His wife and family taking care of his health. The couple has two kids named Jade Barczyk (daughter) and Noah Barczyk (son).

Brian is a very honest and humble person that’s why his fans love him and are very concerned about his health. He is battling cancer and going through complicated surgeries and treatment at hospital.

On his Instagram, he has 1.5 million followers supporting him and his family.

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