Is Duane Martin gay or not? wife and family of actor

Who is Duane Martin? Smith’s former assistant brother Bilaal makes shocking revelations which sparked new discussion on the social media. Will Smith is always in news for some reason or other. Well, you cannot forget the Oscar slap night or the turmoil days news regarding his wife. He has been a guy who has seen it a lot despite having a career in entertainment industry that many will envy these days. There is another news as his former friend and assistant Brother Bilaal has made news that he had seen actor in a lot of compromising position with his longtime close buddy Duane Martin. Now, this again is a news needed to be explored! After the news, fans are wondering to know Duane Martin’s relationship and personal life.

Will Smith with Duane Martin

If you are looking to know more about the story, then you should know that in the recent interview Brother Bilaal said that it was a couch and you can see Will Smith bending over and Duane Martin standing up. It was like killing him, or you can say a murder there. It was the specific words of Brother Bilaal. It comes after the memoir “Worthy” of Jada Pinkett Smith where she claimed that she and Will Smith have been living separately since quite a time. To be honest this is not the first time that both these guys are being linked despite both them, their family, and their wives denying it for years.

Duane Martin life relationship journey

Duane Martin and Will Smith have got a long relationship. He was a basketball player with New York Knicks before an injury made him leave the team and basketball as a whole. He then went on for acting career where he starred in the Real Husbands of Hollywood where he starred with Kevin Hart. He has got a career which is quite good and he was friends with Will Smith since long. Is he married or not?

Is Duane Martin gay?

Duane Martin is an actor who is popular on Instagram. He has 171K followers on Instagram. Martin had denied all the allegations of relationship with Smith. He was married to Tisha Campbell in 1996. Both got separated in 2006. The couple has one kid Xen Martin.

Smith and Martin both called it fake rumors spreading over social media. Martin’s wife also came in support of her ex-husband and released statement in his defense.

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