Izzy Zapata from Love is Blind ethnicity, nationality and job

Who is Izzy Izzy Zapata from ‘Love is Blind’ who recently shared his credit card story on the show. Well do you know Izzy Zapta from “Love is Blind” show? Love is Blind is an amazing show that has been ruling the heart of the people who are regularly watching Netflix. Love is Blind is quite an amazing show and this is where we met Izzy Zapta. Well, we saw this person in season 5 of Love is Blind. In this show you will love how people from various backgrounds come and enter the flow of the show quite smoothly. This guy told about his life story and how his childhood was. Fans are very curious know Izzy’s ethnicity and family background.

Who is Izzy Zapata?

This guy had a great childhood. Izzy Zapta we know him by this name but his real name is Ismail Zapta. It was quite interesting to know how he was raised as one of the witnesses of Jehovah. He explained about rules were quite strict and how sheltering was quite suffocating. He said all his family was part of it. It is a sect in the Christian Church. He believed in God and Jesus. They even believe only in Bible. He could related to the source religion and its truth.

Izzy Zapata nationality and ethnicity

Izzy Zapata is of mixed background and his ethnicity is American-Mexican. He got engaged on the show “Love is Blind” with Stacy. Fans congratulated him for his new life partner after the bit drama on the show. Stacy is also one of the contests of the reality show “Love is Blind”. Together Izzy and Stacy making positive vibes on the show and social media.

It would be interesting to see how their relationship and bonding goes in the upcoming episodes.

Izzy Zapata and his professional life

Izzy talks how he could not play competitive games because of being part of this sect. He had a love for basketball but he was playing it by hiding. Even he used to do the same while playing baseball. He never had any family tradition or something similar, and shocking they never celebrated the holidays. No, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day for him! Not even Halloween fun! This guy was quite isolated but went on to become a great example of exemplary acting later. He only celebrated one Easter and he remembers that till now with good memories.

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