Janel Grant WWE age and pictures emerges on social media after lawsuit

Why Janel Grant photos and pictures are emerging on social media? Vince McMahon named in the new lawsuit filed by the Janel Grant, a former worker at WWE. Janel Grant is in the news for suing the CEO, Vince McMahon, claiming assault, human tr*ffi*king, and emotional ab*se. She filed this legal case in a Connecticut federal court, aiming to cancel a nondisclosure agreement from 2022. In that agreement, Grant was supposed to get $3 million, but she only received $1 million. After the lawsuit, the former WWE star Janel Grant’s name starting trending on social platforms. This made WWE fans to check out her photos and biography.

Who is Janel Grant?

Janel Grant is a former WWE staff who is 43- years old. She started working at WWE in June 2019 in Connecticut. Grant says she was involved in relationships guided by McMahon, including one with a famous WWE and UFC person, maybe Brock Lesnar.

Another woman who had settled with Vince McMahon earlier this year reportedly sued him, accusing him, the company, and a former executive of serious charges. Grant, the person filing the lawsuit, worked at WWE’s headquarters during the alleged accusations and claims she was mistreated and exploited when McMahon was the CEO.

Janel Grant filed lawsuit against McMahon

According to Grant, McMahon took advantage of her within the organization, pretending it was for her career growth. She wants to cancel the 2022 nondisclosure agreement and is asking for money that hasn’t been specified, saying McMahon didn’t fulfill their agreement. By doing this, Grant is pointing out the dark side of the wrestling industry. This lawsuit isn’t just about McMahon, it questions the systems in WWE that might have allowed such things to happen.

Grant is being brave by holding powerful people responsible, showing how the wrestling industry sometimes hides serious accusations.

The lawsuit explains that McMahon gave Janel Grant a job in WWE’s legal department in 2019. Grant says McMahon offered to help her get a job at WWE after her parents passed away in the same year.

McMahon’s wife found out about their relationship, leading to Grant losing her job. Grant also claims that McMahon, along with Laurinaitis and others, did things she didn’t want multiple times, revealing the problematic aspects of the wrestling industry.

Janel Grant photos

After the lawsuit news hit into the media headlines, WWE fans started searching for Janel Grant photos. But we would like inform that her social media account is not available and also her latest pictures are not available in public at the moment.

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