Joe Smith wife Kisha Chavis secret comes out, NBA fans reaction on Instagram

Joe Smith is currently making headlines due to her persona life and partner’s secret. Joe Smith wife Kisha Chavis’s latest career choice on being Only fans star. Joseph Leynard Smith strongly disagrees with the decision. Well, Who does not know the former no.1 NBA player? Every basketball fan who have followed this game religiously must be knowing his name as he is usually counted among the top basketball players.

Joe Smith and Kisha Chavis lives together. Smith has been a power forward and played for around 12 clubs in NBA over his 16 years of NBA playing career. Joseph Leynard Smith had played for Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, New Jersey Nets, and Golden State Warriors where he got highly popular. His playing style and aggressiveness made him a brand when he was on roads by changing clubs constantly.

Joe and Kisha Chavis married life

Joe is married to Kisha Chavis as this couple after dating till 2016, preferred to get engaged and married. Kisha had a scandalous record in past relationships but now seems to be sticking to Joe. The couple is blessed to stay for long with each other. In 2018, this couple got married at St. Croix, near a beautiful beach. It was a dream of Kisha to marry near a beautiful beach and it happened as per her dreams. Joe has always been a great family person and it reflected all over his marriage.

Kisha Chavis career and earnings

The secret of Chavis’s only fans account sparked a new debate on social media. Chavis suggests that she might have started doing it to earn additional income. As per report, she made over $45 million from this job. Chavis uploaded a video in which she informed Smith about her past career and job. Joe Smith was seen completely stunned when he discovered this truth.

Joe Smith net worth

The Joe Smith net worth is estimated as $457K in 2023.

Joe Smith had got a playing career which has crossed imaginations of people who counted him out. He has helped teams with his coaching skills too at the fag end of his career. His behavior and ethics helped him to groom young players properly and it also helped him to grow as a person he is now in the personal life. He has been a person who is a great example of how a family man should be. He prefers to stay by the side of his people even in heavy storms.

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