Makeup artist Shura Khan age and biography, dating rumors with Arbaaz Khan

Who is makeup artist Shura Khan and what do we know about her? Is she really dating actor Arbaaz Khan? The Bollywood industry got hit by the latest rumor which claimed something is cooking between Arbaaz Khan and his makeup artist Shura Khan. According to the insider reports, Shura Khan is getting married to Arbaaz Khan. She is going to be the second woman in his life. His first and ex-wife name is Malaika Arora Khan whom he got married in 1998. Later both got separated in 2017 after decades of relationship. Read more Arbaaz’s new wife Shura Khan age, career and journey in Bollywood.

Who is Shura Khan?

Shura Khan is a makeup artist who is 41 years old. Arbaaz Khan is a well known actor and producer who is known for movies like Hello Brother, Dabangg, Daraar, etc. It is believed that both came close to each other when shooting for movie ‘Patna Shukla’. They might be dating each other from last few months. Fans became happy and reacted on social media when the news broke on social media. Shura’s Instagram account is set to private after the rumor. None of the side have made any official statement yet of their relationship.

Shura Khan and Arbaaz Khan are getting married

Shura Khan and Arbaaz Khan are expected to tie wedding knot on December 24. Following reports of Arbaaz Khan’s second marriage to makeup artist Shura Khan, she has decided to make her Instagram accounts private.

The age gap between the couple is 15 years. The actor is 56 years old while makeup artist Shura is 41-years old. Before the relationship, Shura was in relationship with Delhi-based business boyfriend.

Arbaaz Khan past relationship

Arbaaz Khan was previously married to Malaika Arora Khan who is an Indian actress and dancer. Both announced their formal split in 2017 and got separated. Following their divorce, Arbaaz Khan was in relationship with actress Giorgia Andriani for several years. Malaika Arora Khan was also in relationship with actor Arjun Kapoor.

Arbaaz and Shura, on the other hand, have refrained from making any official statements about their marriage and have maintained a quiet stand on their romantic relationship.

Shura Khan and Arbaaz Khan spotted together numerous times at film and Bollywood gatherings. Their interactions increased during the filming of the movie “Patna Shukla,” leading to close friendship between them.

Their family and close relatives are expected to attend the private wedding scheduled on 24 December.

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