Marc Eggers and Bill Kaulitz relationship, what we know so far?

Are Marc Eggers and Bill Kaulitz gay? This is what fans are discussing on the social media about music stars. We all must have heard the name of pop rock band Tokio Hotel. Bill Kaulitz is one of the lead vocalist of this band. There would be nothing wrong in saying this that Tokio Hotel is now a brand other than band. Recently, a wholesome act of affection done by Bill Kaulitz made his fans in an admiring situation. Actually, there was a performance taking place at Oktoberfest event in Germany. He was seen with actor Marc Eggers in the event.

In that event Bill Kaulitz delivered a public kiss to a 36 year old actor and model. The name of the 36 year old person was Marc Eggers. From that act he received a lot of public affection and love recently. The real age of Bill kaulitz is about 34 years old.

Bill Kaulitz boyfriend

There was an interview of him that took place in the year 2021. In that interview, he confessed that he finds love to be a very complex process. According to him, love is not a subject which is easy to understand and it is not a cup of tea for every individual. In that interview, he also confessed that he had fell in love with both men and women in the past.

What we know so far?

The person with whom, he did public kiss that is Marc Eggers, is a model and actor, known for his epic performance in soap opera “Koln 50667”. He is also having a huge fan base on the social media platforms. Likewise, he is having around 566,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and approximately, 273,000 followers on the Instagram. Digging some past stuff, Marc Eggers, was earlier in relationship with actress Gizem Emre. However, we are still not very clear from this act, that either they are sharing a buildup relationship status or just an act of affection of friendship from both the sides. But still his fans are very hopeful for the official announcement of their relationship status. People are also thinking that they are must be shooting for a Netflix series together.

Bill Kaulitz Net Worth

Bill kaulitz is termed as Billy for his solo project. He is one of the renowned German singer and songwriter who has an estimated net worth of $5.7 million. He gained the most fame and popularity after joining pop rock band Tokio hotel.

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