Meet Bear1boss age and real name, was he in jail with Playboi Carti?

What do we know so far about rising rap music star Bear1boss. The reports came out that Bear1Boss was also arrested with Playboi Carti. Both were in jail at the same. Before moving further, let’s have a look on Bear1boss’s biography and music career. Well, you must have heard the artist’s name because he is also know by name ‘Lil Hotsauce‘.

Who is Bear1boss?

Bear1boss is a rapper and music artist who is being very well known in the rap industry as of now. Bear1Boss has got some good rap music numbers to support himself. He has been a guy who is literally fired up the whole rap scene with his lyrics. His lyrics has got a great layer inside his style of music. If you have heard his music then you might already be his fan. His works are inspiring to the people who are hearing him these days as of now.

Bear1boss is 23 years old and he was born on 2000 in the Atlanta, United States. He is an Atlanta based rapper and learned music from local street artists.

Being a top-class rapper

Bear Boss is a top-notch hip-hop artist and his lyrics confirm that he will reach out to the top as a legend. He has got his own website where he shares his musical works more often than not. His website has got a lot of views in most of his rap music he has produced. As of now he has been working hard to post new music every now and then. He is a top-class personality even in his personal life as he is a guy who connects well with his friends too.

Bear1Boss songs and music career


Bear1boss has made music in rap scene like The Award!, Runway Digital Dash!, Woah Woah!, and Nachos Sosa! among many others as of now. His music is a fresh air for many people who love to hear his music these days.

If you are someone who wants to hear romantic ones among his rap tracks then you can hear Drunk in Love! for sure. His parents have been quite supportive in his journey to be a rapper. If you want to hear some of his works then always do visit his website and it will encourage him to be a world beating rapper.

The Bear1Boss net worth is estimated as $1.1 million.

Was Bear1boss arrested or jailed?

Yes, Bear1boss was arrested and jailed when Playboi Carti was arrested. The report was revealed recently which confirmed that he had also faced drugs charges against him.

The rapper Bear1boss has 138K followers on his Instagram profile.

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