Meet Samantha Siqueiros from Berlin series cast who plays Camille role

Have you watched the new Netflix series Money Heist: Berlin? The series has been released on on Netflix and fans are wondering to know about cast Samantha Siqueiros who is playing the role of Camille. The actress is getting attention from the Berlin series. She has come up with good fame already and her fans are loving it.

Samantha is a Mexican national who has been doing great with her timing in her acting roles. She has been an actress who has got a very amazing and reoccurring role in a Mexican drama series called Along Came Love. She has done her craft really well in that series. She has been playing amazing the title role of Vikki Franco in the soap opera Vikki RPM on the Nickelodeon channel. She is a supremely talented actress as known from her versatile roles.

Samantha Siqueiros age

Samantha Siqueiros is an actress and model whose nationality is Mexican but she has never spoken about her family or siblings. She has always stayed mum on that part. The actress made debut into acting from ‘Baila’ as her first movie in 2016.

Samantha has a brother but we do not know more about him. She has moved out of Mexico and is living in Miami Beach, Florida with family these days. She was born on March 17, 2002 in La Paz, Mexico. She is around 21 years old and has got a very bright future in the entertainment industry, without any hint of doubt.

Berlin cast Samantha Siqueiros role

Samantha Siqueiros with Pedro Alonso in a scene from Berlin

Samantha Siqueiros is making buzz from her role in the Netflix’s Berlin series. It has total eight episodes and currently available for streaming on Netflix.

Samantha Siqueiros has 75.9K followers on her Instagram at the time of writing. Her net worth is estimated as $1.17 million after her deal with Netflix.

Samantha Siqueiros’s off screen life

Samantha Siqueiros personal life is quite simple. She was dating her boyfriend whose name is Antonio Arellano. In 2023, it seems that she is single as far as her relationship status thing is concerned. She is a lady who prefers to focus on professional life more. She had never informed about her love and relationship in public. Nothing can be said so far, until she confirms dating reports. She is type of lady who prefers to show her talent and glamor only in front of the camera.

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