Minecraft player SmallAnt real name is Tanner Ant, did he changed his name?

The Streamer Awards nominated star SmallAnt real name is still a mystery for many of his fans but what is his real name? Step into the world of online fun where pixels come alive to viewers, and laughter is the boss. Meet Tanner Ant, the Canadian gamer everyone knows as SmallAnt. He is not your regular gamer, he started by making videos about sharpening pencils! Weird, right? But people loved it. Now, SmallAnt has more than two million fans on YouTube and one million on Twitch. People just cannot get enough of his cool and funny videos.

Who is SmallAnt? Age

The SmallAnt’s age is 27 years and he was born on May 3, 1996.

Small Ant (Tanner Ant)

SmallAnt’s gaming journey has been like an exciting adventure. He plays all sorts of games, from Pokémon challenges to super-fast Minecraft races. You can feel his excitement in every video, whether he’s building cool stuff in games or watching others do incredible things. One of his Minecraft videos, where he laughs and talks about a super-fast race, got a crazy seven million views! That is a lot of people enjoying SmallAnt’s mix of fun and skill.

But it is not just about being fast or doing crazy things. SmallAnt really loves the games he plays. He digs into the stories, finds secret stuff, and enjoys all the little funny things in the games. He is not just a gamer but he is like a friendly guide taking you on a journey through awesome digital worlds.

SmallAnt real name

Tanner Charles (SmallAnt’s real name)

On the driving license, the SmallAnt’s real name is Tanner Charles. He is a Canadian gaming wizard who is known for pencil videos but quickly became a gaming sensation. With over two million YouTube fans and a million on Twitch, he’s a favorite for his cool and funny content. Fans also call him by nickname ‘Tanner Ant

From Pokémon challenges to speedy Minecraft races, SmallAnt’s enthusiasm shines through. He was also nominated for Best Minecraft Streamer at The Streamer Awards 2023, he is a winner in fans’ hearts. So, join the excitement, grab your snacks, and let SmallAnt take you on a gaming adventure like no other.

SmallAnt latest achievement’s

All this love for gaming has made SmallAnt a big deal. He is even nominated for a special award called Best Minecraft Streamer at The Streamer Awards 2023. Last year, he won Best Speedrunner, showing he is really good at playing games fast. Fans love him because he is always fun and excited.

The Streamer Awards 2023 is going to be a big night with lots of cool categories, like Best Gamer and Best Chatter. SmallAnt’s fans are hoping he takes home another trophy. No matter what happens, SmallAnt’s gaming adventure is just getting started.

SmallAnt aka Tanner Charles net worth

The SmallAnt’s net worth is $3.2 million in 2023. He made earnings and money by playing games, awards, prizes and streaming videos online. With his love for games, creativity, and fun attitude, he is going to keep us entertained for a long time.

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