Pastor Chris WhatsApp Number

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the Founder and the President of Loveworld Inc., also known as Christ Embassy.

Don’t let anyone deceive you, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome does not have a WhatsApp number.

In fact, He instructs members to use the Christ Embassy-owned Kingschat and not to use WhatsApp.

All Christ Embassy members are supposed to be on Kingschat and communicate with it always.

So there is no way Pastor Chris himself will be using WhatsApp, I doubt if he has an idea of how the interface looks.

If you are in the ministry, you will notice that other platforms are not mentioned during global services or communication materials because Christ Embassy has several alternatives to the regular Social Media Platforms.

Even If Pastor Chris had a WhatsApp Number,

you will not find it on Google.

It is first of all impossible to find the numbers of the Central Executive Council members on Google not to talk of Pastor Chris’ number. In fact, you can’t even find that of Ministry Directors or Zonal Pastors.

There is a structure in Christ Embassy, there are Central Executive Members, Ministry Directors, Regional Pastors, Zonal Pastors, and many others in Leadership positions whose numbers you will never find on Google let alone find Pastor Chris’ number.

How to Contact Pastor Chris

Is it impossible to contact Pastor Chris?

No, it is not. But it depends on what you want to contact him for.

I will list some methods with which you can contact Him and you will see which works best for you.


As I said earlier, Kingschat is the official chat and messaging platform for Christ Embassy and Pastor Chris has an account on it.

He has a super-user account with the handle @PastorChrisLive

You will need to download the Kingschat app to view his profile.

Here, you can view Pastor Chris’ live chats and also make comments.

Pastor Chris Online

If you do have a Bible question you would like to ask Pastor Chris, you have an opportunity to ask him a direct question through his website.

Pastor Chris answers questions during some Global Communion Services (not all).

Pastor Chris has a website and you can ask him a question directly through that website. The website is

Click here to go to the page where you can ask Him a question.

If you ask a question through this means, you will have to attend all Communion Services so that you will know when the Pastor answers your questions.

There is no guarantee that your question will be answered soon, it may take a long time because millions of people all over the world ask him questions just like you are doing.


If you need healing and you want to contact him, this is the truth.

There is no way you can contact him directly but he has made provisions for you to receive your healing even without you being able to contact him directly.

It is understandable that his contact is not made public because he has a lot of things to attend to and of course, there are several people all over the world that are in need of healing. So imagine his number was made public, his phone will never stop ringing, there won’t even be time to pray for people. He will just be picking calls all through.

One of the ways he has provided is the ‘Healing Streams Live Healing Service’, where Pastor Chris prays for people all over the world. He prays for some people one on some, some through the screen, and the entire world through the internet and whatever device they connect with.

This program holds 4 times a year every quarter. So even if there is none going on at the time you are reading this, you can watch the video clips of the previous editions and receive your healing. There is no time restriction or limitation.

You can also check on search engines like Google to see some other video clips from the Healing Streams.

You can also watch testimonies of millions of people that received their healing and get healed as well.

You can download the Healing Magazine here.

For more information and more materials about Healing visit or

Christ Embassy Cells

First of all, Christ Embassy Pastors are representatives of Pastor Chris. They stand on his behalf, so being able to reach them is tantamount to reaching Pastor Chris. If what you need is not in their immediate reach, they will escalate it through other Leaders until it gets to Pastor Chris, if necessary.

But to be able to get sufficient attention from a local church Pastor, you must belong to a cell. A cell in Christ Embassy is a small group of people comprising of about 15 people who meet as brethren on weekly basis apart from the Church meetings to help one another grow and achieve God’s purpose for their lives.

It is like a small church and it is very close. People there bond and know each other so well.

The cell ministry is very essential to Christ Embassy. Every member must belong to a cell as that is what validates your membership. So if Pastor Chris will support anyone, he will, first of all, ask for the name of the cell they belong to.

This is the longest way but the best way to reach Pastor Chris – join a Christ Embassy Church. When you join a Christ Embassy church, you will be put in a cell and that will be your legal tender of receiving help from your local church Pastor who represents Pastor Chris.

When you join a Christ Embassy church, you may not even need to reach Pastor Chris any longer because you will receive the answer to your question right in the church.

Remember that Pastor Chris holds a global communion service every first Sunday of the month which you can stream on the internet and it may just be the avenue for your to receive solutions to any of your challenges. It is open to all, as far as you have access to the internet and a device. All Christ Embassy churches stream this service so it is easier to attend one.

To learn how you can stream the service which holds on every first Sunday of the month, click here.

In Conclusion,

Pastor Chris WhatsApp Number does not exist. If you find anyone, it is fake.

So, stop searching for it and use any of the mediums I wrote about in this post.

God bless you.

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