Rapper Tut Tarantino real name, age, net worth and father Michael Irvin

Who is Michael Irvin son Tut Tarantino? Michael Irvin is in news now and we know him as a legend in NFL as of now. He has made a great career out of his NFL playing style and is usually seen as one of the top players in the scene. Michael Irvin became a huge name when he was playing for Dallas Cowboys for a decade. He had won three Super Bowls already. He had made actually 5 Pro Bowl game appearances. His successful career in NFL actually helped him to get his family in a very good position. Recently he made an exclusive statement about his son’s rap career and songs lyrics.

Michael Irvin’s son Tut Tarantino does rap

Michael Irvin has got one of the sons Tut Tarantino who is doing rap and does not look back at his lifestyle and rather prefers thug life in his music. It has given this guy a great start in entertainment zone. He does not deny using flash guns and tries look very hard to satisfy his listeners and viewers more often than not. He has got this behavior since long. He has got that hilarious fashion too which is not liked by many people. He already has a blast in his career but will he go more ahead now that is the question in everyone’s mind.

Tut Tarantino father

Tut was quite confident that his father Michael Irvin will stay silent when he pushes his thug image. Now, his father has come up with serious rants against him. He said he is faking about his thug life. He has made a video to explain everything. His YouTube video has now gone viral. Now Tut might lose out in the rap scene because of such video by his father which exposed his real life. Hopefully, Tut becomes true in his rap scene nowadays.

Tut Tarantino net worth

Having accumulated a net worth of approximately $500,000, he has made significant impacts in the fields of acting, music, composition, and cinematography. He had released multiple songs and albums which ranked into the top charts. Tut Tarantino has 15.5K followers on Instagram.

Tut’s legal team is currently handling offers from several prominent record labels. The rapper was already signed to label record and collaborated with artists. Also, there are speculations about the potential deals falling within a certain range. Tut is a rising rapper who had released songs in 2023.

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